Snapchat has a secret new way to quickly add friends

Snapchat has a secret new way to quickly add friends

Snapchat launched a big update today that added a new feature called “Discover” that shows you the latest news, but what it didn’t talk about is the cool new way to add friends.

Snapchat secret QR codeThe new feature (which doesn’t seem to have an official name yet, so I’m going to call it a “Ghostcode” for now) shows you a Snapchat logo with random holes in it.

It looks innocent enough, but it’s actually a secret QR code for you to share with people outside Snapchat so they can easily add you.

You can access your Ghostcode from the Snapchat camera, then by tapping the ghost logo at the top of the screen.

How to add friends on Snapchat without searching for the username

It’s as simple as pointing your camera at someone else’s Ghostcode on another screen and they’re magically added to your friends list. It works great for sharing your account to other social media sites so people can find you without searching for your username.

Update: Snapchat now has a page that demos just how the new “Snap to add” feature works.

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