Heyku’s digital sticky notes app rebranded ‘Ku’, adds option to share to Tumblr and save drafts

Heyku’s digital sticky notes app rebranded ‘Ku’, adds option to share to Tumblr and ...

Heyku, the app that allows users to express themselves by posting updates with photos, short lines of text, sounds and doodles, has launched a rebuilt version of the platform that brings a new name as well as new features.

From today, the app will be known simply as Ku and users now have the option to share their expressive sticky notes to Tumblr, as well as previously supported social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Ku said that it had also redesigned the look of the updates to make them “even more beautiful and engaging” than before.

“Ku was inspired by the classic Japanese haiku, but the app provides its own unique twist on the format. The amount of words that can be written on an update is limited to 18, helping to focus the Kus and generate creativity. Beyond that, when users are done writing their ku they can touch and drag the words to literally give them shape and create different rhythms in the text,” the company said.

The logic for the Tumblr integration is pretty simple. The more platforms Ku supports, the more places a Ku is likely to be shared; the more places that one is shared, the more people will know about the app. It’s a logic that seems to be working. To date, the company says that around 30 percent of Kus have been shared outside its own core platform and that there are now more than 80,000 users of the service.


However, perhaps most pleasingly for users, the app now allows you to save a draft Ku if you’re not ready to publish, thereby making sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to note inspiration, whenever it may occur.

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