You can now make a book out of all your Facebook messages with Memeoirs

You can now make a book out of all your Facebook messages with Memeoirs

Memeoirs, the service that lets you create a book out of all your old emails, has launched a new feature that integrates messages sent across Facebook.

The feature was announced today by the company, although it has been live on the home page for a few days. Picking up where the previous incarnation left off, it now lets you turn your private Facebook messages into an entire book, should you so wish.

To achieve this, all you need to do is connect your Facebook account to the service, select who you talked to that you’d like included in your book, set the time period it should cover and select a custom cover. That’s it.

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“Memeoirs does all the downloading, filtering and displaying of the content for you. You’ll be able to see a preview that matches what your book will be like once it’s shipped to your doorstep, in a single copy, made exclusively for you,” the company said in a statement.

It’s by no means the first time that we’ve come across a service that turns your social updates into a hard copy book – Book Of Fame used to do the same for Facebook status messages – but it’s the first that we’ve come across one that takes your private messages and transforms them into real paper.

Whether or not there’s a huge demand for services like this remains to be seen. There’s not too many of my Facebook conversations I’d like to see preserved forever in book form, but maybe you’ve had your most interesting chats while travelling or simply want to preserve conversations with friends and family. Nonetheless, while other companies have tried similar things, that’s not necessarily an endorsement for success; Book Of Fame’s website is no more and now redirects to, an equally sparse resource.

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