Create a book of your favorite email messages with Memeoirs

Create a book of your favorite email messages with Memeoirs

We’ve previously covered services that turn your tweets and Facebook statuses into books, so why not your emails too? While many emails are quick, unimportant exchanges, some could well be the kinds of important letters to friends and family that you might want to keep a permanent physical record of.

Memeoirs comes from Belgian company FitMemes and makes the process of creating a paperback or hard cover volume of your favourite email messages quick and easy.

Supporting Gmail and Yahoo Mail, the site connects to your email account. Then it’s a case of selecting the labels or folders you want to pull messages for your book from, and the date range you want your book to cover. You can then add a title, introductory text and images for the front and back covers. Before finishing off the order process, you get to specify exactly which people’s emails you want to include, and download a preview PDF of your completed tome.

Pricing depends on the number of pages your book contains. My 44-page test book was priced (including shipping) at €19.40 for a paperback and €23.90 for a hardcover. That’s not a bargain price (€20 is about 27 US Dollars or £16 Sterling) but it’s reasonable enough as a one-off treat for yourself or as a gift, if you (for example) create a book of emails between you and a loved one.

Having given the Memeoirs set-up process a go, I can’t vouch for the finished quality of the book you receive once you’ve ordered, but the preview PDF certainly looks the part and compiling your volume is quick and easy. One point I’d make is that it might be worth spending a bit of time organising your emails in advance by setting up a folder in your email account that contains exactly the messages you want.

Memeoirs won’t appeal to the generation of youths that think a BlackBerry is just for IMing friends, but if you value your email and want to immortalise it, this service could well be worth trying.

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