Book Of Fame turns your Facebook account into an actual book

Book Of Fame turns your Facebook account into an actual book

With the e-book market growing fast, it might be understandable if Internet-loving tech addicts never picked up another paper-based book again; but what if that book was based on your Facebook account? That’s exactly what Book of Fame is promising.

Created by Belgian creative agency Boondoggle LifeLabs, Book of Fame is a plain paper notebook, with Facebook status messages from you and your friends printed at the foot of each page.

It sounds simple, but it could be a good way of immortalising those quickly-forgotten status updates. As the sales pitch says:

“Little thoughts, great ideas, ordinary, everyday things… Facebook users share at least a few times a week new posts with the world. Messages are forgotten after a week, a day or even an hour. In your personal BookofFame those pieces of Facebook history are printed in black and white. Great to remember and wander back in time.”

Two different options are available, a 320 page paperback book for $14 plus shipping or a 200 page hardcover for $18 plus shipping.

If you’d prefer to immortalise your tweets, Boondoggle offers a Twitter option in TweetNoteBook, while Twournal (which we recently covered) offers a more comprehensive ‘diary’ of your tweets.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the only use we have for paper books in the future is to archive our online interactions?

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