Livr: This social network unlocks features the more drunk you get

Livr: This social network unlocks features the more drunk you get

Update #2 March 07: It seems that our concerns about the legitimacy of this app have been confirmed by a report from Gizmodo. Combine this with a lack of response to our queries and it looks like this is indeed a fake. Sorry if you were looking forward to it, folks!

Most social networking services are a sea of inane comments on people’s pictures of their pets or children. Or both. But Livr, a social network for drinking and socializing promises to be different.

LivrFor one thing, it won’t even let you log in until you’ve had a drink and blown into the blood-alcohol analyzer attachment. The higher your reading, the more features that are available for use. It’s certainly a novel idea, unless it’s some sort of parody app designed to draw awareness to binge-drinking – which seems pretty likely considering some of its feature list.

For example, there are apparently gamification elements, like Truth or Dare, which net users points for taking part in challenges set by other members.

Similarly, there’s a map that shows not only where other people are drinking around you, but also what stage they are at in their night out – indicated by a different color circle around the area. So, if the circle on the map is large, there are lots of people and if it’s dark in color, they’ve had a lot to drink.

There’s also a Drunk Dial feature that will connect you with another random Livr user that has been allowed into the app for a chat, should you wish to talk nonsense with a total stranger.

Content (like drunken pictures) is all shared within the app, so if you wake up the next morning feeling regretful, Livr also includes a Blackout function that erases everything in one touch. If on the other hand it was a fun night out, you can send a report to other Livr users.

Livr isn’t quite ready for release just yet, but it is scheduled for launch “this spring”, so it shouldn’t be too long before you can download it.

Whether it will be free, chargeable or indeed will ever exist at all remains to be seen – other apps have in the past come under under attack for encouraging excessive drinking – and, while this might sound like a bit of fun – can you actually imagine wanting to use it on your night out?

Update #1: This post has been updated to clarify our skepticism about how legitimate Livr is.

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