Forget looks, this iPhone dating app helps you find your match with just your voice

Forget looks, this iPhone dating app helps you find your match with just your voice

From Hinge and Let’s Date, to Grindr and Tinder, if there’s one thing the world doesn’t need, it’s another dating app. But a new entry into the space is looking to find its niche with a dating app that uses your voice as your passport.

The lowdown

Revealr is the handiwork of London-based duo Paul Laight and Guy Harrington. The iPhone-only app requires you to log-in with your Facebook credentials and, while this in itself will likely deter many people, it’s worth noting that the same applies to other dating apps, including Tinder.

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At any rate, Revealr is looking to set itself apart from the rest by letting users introduce themselves verbally with a 20-second gambit. This is revealed alongside a pixelated profile photo


Users can browse through profiles seeing only a forename, location, age and the 20-second audio clip. Once a mutual match is made – i.e. two people ‘like’ each other – both parties are revealed to each other and they are then free to chat.

It’s an interesting concept for sure, given that ‘voice’ is certainly a key attribute that determines a person’s ‘attractiveness’. However, one can’t help but think that ‘looks’ are ultimately the more crucial factor when looking for a date initially. Only time will tell whether dulcet tones and a pixelated profile picture is enough to convince people to make that first connection.

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