You can now get email alerts from’s push messaging service, Broadcast

You can now get email alerts from’s push messaging service, Broadcast, the ambitious project to build a social platform, released a new feature in November last year, which it hoped would be the first killer app to help it gain serious mainstream traction. The feature, Broadcast, is a push notification system that delivers messages to users who opt-in to follow channels from content providers.

Today, has released a series of improvements to Broadcast. The key update is that users can now receive a Broadcast notification either as an email or a push notification on their smartphones. An update to the Broadcast widget also lets users replace “email me updates” widgets on your site. If users have an active session, they will see it as a subscribe button, but if they are not logged in, it will look like any regular email widget. users with developer-tier accounts will also get access to analytics for Broadcast channels — and the company says it will continue adding more advanced tracking and segmenting.

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