Bazaart’s new iOS app is ‘Photoshop meets Instagram’ for mobile, social image editing

Bazaart’s new iOS app is ‘Photoshop meets Instagram’ for mobile, social image editing ...

Photosharing apps are popular, Photoshop is popular, why not bring them together? That’s the idea behind Bazaart, an iOS app that hits version 2.0 today.

The app makes it easy to combine and edit photographs and other images that can be pulled in from your camera roll and social networks, and from other sources like Gilt’s fashion and home decor photos, 500px, and Bing web image search results. You can then overlay multiple images, cut sections out with a masking tool and add text to create images that you can then share to one of a number of public channels within the app, like ‘Animals’, ‘Photomontage’ and ‘Selfies’.

Bazaart, an Israel-based startup that we highlighted at the start of the year when it was focused on being a Pinterest-based fashion catalog, has done a great job of making the editing tools simple and easy to use. Masking parts of a photo with the eraser tool requires some heavy zooming and a steady finger, but it’s not too challenging.

2013-12-17 16.59.20
2013-12-17 17.03.13

The question is, will people want to share ‘Photoshopped’ images like this? Social image editing communities have existed online for years, but the work required to edit a fun, shareable image on the go is greater than that required to snap a shot to share on Instagram – does it suit mobile use?

2013-12-17 17.21.20
2013-12-17 17.21.59

Browsing the images shared within the app indicates that current users have variable levels of skill. Whether the core user base ends up being skilled, artistic image editors or simply teenagers throwing a few words and some clip art over a picture of their puppy remains to be seen and will dictate the app and the startup’s future direction. One to keep an eye on.

Bazaart [Apple App Store]

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