The best Google Analytics app, Analytiks for iOS, just got better with version 2

The best Google Analytics app, Analytiks for iOS, just got better with version 2

Back in December of last year, we told you about a really rad app to keep yourself updated on your site traffic if you’re using Google Analytics. The app, called Analytiks, is iOS only, and puts together all of the information you need to see quickly in a few really gorgeous views.

Today, Blatt Labs Inc, the company behind the app, released version 2 and it’s impressive.

Here’s the rundown Blatt Labs gave us on what went live today:

– Brand new UI: The fastest UI we ever created. New icons but double tap still works on the home page
– Visitors: Analytiks now shows visitors stats
– Themes: Users can now choose betwen Black and White themes based on their iPhone color
– New graph: New graph in home page shows a quick glance to page views from last 5 weeks
– Performance: improved performance and bug fixes. 3 times smaller app size

The graphs are so clean and easy to get a quick idea of how the traffic to your site is doing at any given moment, and I’m really surprised that Google hasn’t taken this approach themselves with their Analytics offering. Regardless, I’m glad that someone is giving this space a serious attention to detail:

The app is $.99 and is worth every single penny you pay for it.

Analytiks for iOS

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