File-sharing startup Kicksend launches new Web app and goes free & unlimited across all platforms

File-sharing startup Kicksend launches new Web app and goes free & unlimited across all platforms ...

We first caught up with Kicksend last August at Y Combinator’s Demo Day. It’s a Web, desktop and mobile app that lets you send files to any recipient’s email address, or to your own desktop app.

Earlier this year we reported that Kicksend’s mobile app had undergone a major upgrade, and today the California-based startup has announced a new version of its Web app too, whilst also rolling out free pricing across all versions of its app.

Just to recap, Kicksend offers an easy way to send full-quality photos and videos from almost any device. There is currently a version for iOS devices, with Android on the way in June.

The new Web app

Kicksend’s main mission is to make it easier for people to send anything from anywhere to anyone. The newly redesigned Kicksend Web interface sets out to provide a more intuitive (and aesthetically pleasing) way to send, receive and organize personal digital files. Key features include:

  • Send photos or videos directly to friends and family
  • ‘Lists’ make it easy to send files to groups of people
  • With in-app commenting, you can leave notes for the people sending you files and have a conversation
  • Send any type of file to any email address

“Over the past few years, it’s gotten easier to take large numbers of high quality photos and videos and blast them out to everyone you know,” says Pradeep Elankumaran, CEO of Kicksend.   “However, sharing those photos with a subset of your contacts or sending full-quality personal images to just your family members is still remarkably difficult.  That’s where we come in.”

Kicksend goes free…

While Kicksend can be used for sending small files, it has been built specifically for big files (such as videos) and large batches of files (e.g. holiday snaps). And starting today, users can send and receive files completely for free.

Under the old pricing model, Kicksend’s introductory plan allowed users to send up to 1GB per month for free, with tiered plans available for users who wanted to send more. In the updated model, users can send an unlimited number of files at no cost, across all platforms.

By our reckoning, Kicksend just took a big step towards becoming a major player in the increasingly busy file-sharing space. And we’ll be keeping an eye on what these guys have lined up for the coming year…roll-on the Android app.

➤ Kicksend: Web app | Desktop | iOS

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