‘Office for iPad’ CloudOn launches on Android tablets and integrates with Google Drive

‘Office for iPad’ CloudOn launches on Android tablets and integrates with Google Drive

CloudOn launched in the US back in January, bringing Microsoft Office functionality direct to the iPad. It swiftly found its way to pole position in Apple’s free app category, and in response to “enormous demand”, it finally hit Apple’s UK App Store in February.

Last month we reported that CloudOn was nearing 1 million downloads, just as it launched v2.0 with Box.com support & email sharing, and today it has announced that it’s now arriving on Android tablets, complete with Google Drive integration.

Just to recap, CloudOn lets users create, edit, share and save Microsoft Office and Adobe files, tapping the power of the cloud to connect to Microsoft Office software on CloudOn’s servers. So in effect your tablet is just being used as a screen.

Although the iPad is the clear market leader in terms of tablets, CloudOn has opted to take its technology to Android tablets, letting users of the Google-owned operating system in the US, UK and Canada create, edit, save and share Microsoft Office and Adobe documents while on the go.

Users have access to all the standard Microsoft Office features, including track changes in Word, manipulating pivot tables in Excel and viewing PowerPoint slideshows in full presentation mode from a tablet. Users can also display, edit or create charts, insert formulas, change formatting, spell check, or insert comments into any Microsoft Office document.

CloudOn also supports Adobe PDF files – including forms and 3D documents – along with a universal image viewer that lets users access almost any image file ranging from raw Photoshop images to standard formats such as PNG, JPG and GIF.

CloudOn is also announcing integration with Google Drive, which launched last month, adding to its existing cloud storage options, which are Dropbox and Box.

“For Android tablets to become a comprehensive mobile productivity solution, it’s critical for users to not only be able to review, but create, edit, save and easily share Microsoft Office and Adobe documents,” says Milind Gadekar, co-founder and CEO of CloudOn. “By extending CloudOn to the second-largest tablet platform, we continue on our mission to bridge the fragmentation of information, applications and mobile devices.”

CloudOn is optimized for Android Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich tablets, version 3.1 and higher, which will open its cloud service to millions more users.

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