Nuji announces new partnerships to offer even more to loyal online shoppers

Nuji announces new partnerships to offer even more to loyal online shoppers

Today Nuji takes to the stage at The Next Web Conference Startup Rally. The commerce service that has been dubbed ‘Pinterest with rewards‘ is announcing new partnerships with Adidas and Red Wing shoes.

Visitors who come to see the Startup Rally action will be presented with a link on screen where they can get 20% off at Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam too.

London-based Nuji is taking part in the Beta channel for the Rally which is all about existing names with big new announcements. They will still be facing the panel of experts, chaired by Amazon CTO Werner Vogels who will be asking the hard questions and choosing this year’s winners.

The company bills itself as ‘Your social wishlist’. While you browse online stores, you can bookmark the things that you like and come back to them later or indeed flag them up for your generous friends to take note.

It’s an interesting process as you gather desirable items you might like to buy and come back to them later. There’s bound to be things that you are not so passionate about and the service can help to see which things you really want.

By tagging the items you like you can start to create a personal style guide. Find people who also have awesome taste and you can follow them too.

Latest in loyalty

Ultimately tagging leads to discounts on Nuji. The firm recently unveiled its new loyalty mechanism. Users can earn points and unlock rewards with their favourite retailers. If you’re the first to tag an item by a retailer you earn two points, if you are re-tagged, you get another ten points. Points translate into discounts so it pays to be stylish and smart with your choices on Nuji.

You can see how the mechanism works in the video below:

Nuji was one of the winners of Seedcamp in 2010 and has since upgraded and improved its service to improve its website and iPhone app.

There are currently 20,000 stores on Nuji and the loyalty mechanic works directly with 60 stores including Adidas and Tenue De Nimes. Co-founder Dean Fankhauser says that users have a lot more to look forward to in coming months as the firm is continuing negotiations with big brands to offer more in the scope of retailers on offer.


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