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Video: Seedcamp 2010 – words with the winners

Video: Seedcamp 2010 – words with the winners
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The 12 winners of Europe’s biggest startup competition, Seedcamp, were announced in London at the UCL on Friday. Each winner will get an investment of €50,000 (£41,800) in return for a stake of up to 10% of their company and will now move to London for a three to four month incubation program.

This year’s Seedcamp, now in it’s third year, was bigger than ever with 900 applicants from all over Europe and even further afield in Tel Aviv and South Africa who battled it out in a localized mini Seedcamp with the chance to make it to London for the week long investor showdown just gone.

2010 winners: “the world’s first car finance comparison website”
Editd: “We forecast trends accurately, quickly and visually”
Nuji: “Social shopping platform allowing mobile interaction”
Trebax: “Pairing brands with games and other media for advertising”
Garmz: “Platform for upcoming fashion designers”
Wordy: “Web application for professional copy-editing”
GIS Cloud: “World’s first freemium geographic information system”
Ineze: “Finds best-matching products using structured decision engine”
Profitero: “Sales analytics monitoring competitors’ information”
Sparkeo: “Enables businesses to makes sales of expert video”
Uberblic: “Data integration service for web and enterprise data”
Albia: “Delivers a range of software for business solutions

Interviews with some of this year’s winners:Garmz and Nadim Saad from

Alexander Wheldon of Trebax Innovations, followed by Dean and Vincent of Nuji.

Dino Ravnic and Marco Santic of Omnisdata (the people behind GIS CLoud) followed by Alex Sevastianov of Albia.

Gil Rozenborg of Ineze, followed by Frederich Aknin of Sparkeo (apologies to Sparkeo for the incorrect spelling of their name in the video).

This post be will be updated with more videos of interviews with the winners.

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