makes curating lists of things simple and interactive for publishers makes curating lists of things simple and interactive for publishers

Everyone loves lists of things, in fact some people create lists of their favorite lists. If you’re a blogger then you know how difficult it is to curate a list of things in list format in a way that’s interactive and engaging for your readers.

Simply providing links to things in a top 10 list is boring and takes people away from your site. A site called makes all of that simple and fun for list lovers. Even if you’re not a content creator, you can interact with other people’s lists that they’ve made on the site.

The steps to create a list are easy too; name it, tag it, and add items with or without links. Once you’ve created the list you can publish it on your site like you’ll see below in this post, or you can send people directly to the list’s page on People can thumbs up and down the items in the list, allowing them to interact with the content as a community. As a publisher, you can remove the ability to comment on or rank the items if you’d just like to provide a straight up list.

Everyone loves a list

Once you log into the app using your Facebook account, you’re ready to create a list. The editor is beyond easy and you can re-order things once you’ve added them one by one:

Each list gets its own page and people can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or by email. It’s a pretty handy tool if I do say so myself. Check out the embedded list of iPad stories we’ve written below (and be sure to give the articles on the list some feedback!)

I spent a bit of time searching through the site for other people’s lists and found it to be quite entertaining. will also suggest other lists for you based on the tags and content of the ones you visit and interact with. Get to listing!

Are you a fan of lists? Would you want to see The Next Web use to get your feedback about lists of things that we find to be cool? Let us know in the comments!

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