1000memories launches Facebook Timeline integration to help ‘fill in the gaps’

1000memories launches Facebook Timeline integration to help ‘fill in the gaps’

A few months ago, we introduced you to an app from photo hosting site 1000memories called “ShoeBox“. The app lets you scan old photos and place them into digital “shoeboxes” for sharing or to keep safe for the future.

The whimsical nature of the app which lets you describe old photos, letters, postcards, or anything you have sitting around the house, fits in perfectly with Facebook’s goal for its Timeline product. Adding things from your past to fill in the gaps.

1000memories has announced its official Timeline integration, which lets you add the original date a specific item or photo was taken, and it will share it to Facebook with that date intact. Here’s what 1000memories co-founder Rudy Adler had to say about the integration:

It’s easy to forget that Facebook is only 7 years old, which means most of our photos and memories are not online yet. The introduction of Facebook Timeline has made clear the huge gaps in our life stories – most obviously from our birth dates to the invention of Facebook in 2004. We built ShoeBox to finally get these photos from our past out of the closet and online where they can be enjoyed by everyone.

The two seem to be a match made in heaven.

Sharing photos on your Timeline

When you have the ShoeBox app for iOS fired up, simply scan something and set a date on it. When you choose to share, simply choose Facebook. All of the information will transfer over to your Timeline and your photos will be placed accordingly.

Once you’ve shared a photo, it will show up on the right-hand side of your Facebook profile and will fill in your Timeline. Depending on how far your photos go back in time, your Timeline will start looking more complete. This is an absolute genius use of the Facebook feature, and one that will help people fill in missing years on the site.

While I’ve personally not seen a lot of my friends on Facebook fill in past years on their Timeline, having an app that is all about bringing back photos from your past should kickstart that activity. As Facebook starts approving new applications and actions for Open Graph, we’ll be seeing more apps taking advantage of everything that Timeline has to offer.

ShoeBox for iOS

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