Want to know what to drink while listening to Lady Gaga? Drinkify will tell you

Want to know what to drink while listening to Lady Gaga? Drinkify will tell you

There’s all sorts of apps out there when it comes to finding discovering new tunes, depending on your mood, depending on where you are, or depending on what kind of music you’re in to.

Drinkify, a new site we discovered thanks to GeekSugar, aims to make your music experience a little bit different. Instead of telling you what to listen to – Drinkify wants to know what you’re listening to and then it will let you know what to drink, as well as tell you how to prepare it.

So let’s say you want to listen to some Damien Rice? Drinkify suggests Gin, Honey and V8.

If you’d rather listen to something a little upbeat, Drinkify suggests Vodka neat, garnished with an olive when listening to Lady Gaga. Not only does Drinkify let you know which drink to have, the site also streams the music by your artist of choice.

That’s all there is to the site – but honestly – we can’t think of anything else you would need from a site like Drinkify, except for maybe adding a mood selection as well, or maybe even a reverse search to find out what music goes best with your favourite drink. And we have to admit, we are very curious about the thinking behind which drink goes with each singer.

Pretty much any artist you can think of is available on the site since it’s powered by Last.fm, so you’re bound to find the band or singer you looking for. Drinkify was developed at Boston’s Music Hack Day “in twenty-four boozy hours” by Lindsay EyinkHannah Donovan, and Matthew Ogle.

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