Exfm just hit Play on its awesome new music experience, now for Firefox and Safari too

Exfm just hit Play on its awesome new music experience, now for Firefox and Safari too

Last summer, 4 music geeks came together to launch ExtensionFM, a simple extension for Google’s Chrome browser that made it 100 times more enjoyable to search for and play free music on the web. Since then, the team has grown in size but shrunk its name to the preferred exfm, while adding a suite of social sharing services like Last.fm, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and the ability to follow other exfm users.

Ever hear a song on a blog you like and then forget where and what the song is? Or are you ever directed to a music blog and spend more than 30 seconds looking for the song you wanted to hear? Or do you just skip music blogs in general for lack of a seamless playlist? In case you haven’t used exfm yet, this is where the extension works beautifully. Once you’ve landed on a page with available MP3s, the exfm icon shows a little blue number count of the total available MP3s. The extension then swiftly pulls all available free MP3s into a drop down menu in the top right corner of the browser, which then appear within your exfm music profile.

Today, exfm is launching version 3 of its online music biz including a completely new “push play” music experience, becoming a destination for searchable music within a music fanatic community. Songs are pulled from the sites others users found them on. Before, if you visited exfm, it was simply a promotional site for its browser extension. Now it’s a full service party. Search for music, view trending tracks, Explore sites of the day, and see a list of your recently visited music sites.

You’ll notice songs on your profile that have been marked “Note” have been changed to “Love.” Exfm is also expanding its reach to multiple browsers, releasing extensions for Firefox and Safari, plus a completely revamped one for Chrome. (So Awesome.) Lastly, music blogs will now be able to use exfm’s embeddable site player.

I highly recommend heading over to the new site to start building your exfm community. It’s Hypem’s quality of music from around the Internet with the social community iTunes can only dream about. Congratulations to the team for its recent MTVO nomination.

Also, don’t miss the exfm iPhone app, which it dropped this summer.

Featured image: Shutterstock/charles taylor

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