You can now use this WordPress plugin to play HTML5 video on your blog

You can now use this WordPress plugin to play HTML5 video on your blog

Jilion, creator of SublimeVideo touts its service as “the world’s first cloud-based HTML5 video player”. As we know, the flexibility of HTML5 is extremely important. Basically it means that your video is guaranteed to work on all platforms, including iOS, since Apple isn’t a fan of Adobe Flash.

Mind you, SublimeVideo is not a hosting service, you host your own video, and the company provides the slick player and HTML5 handling. This is if you want to host your own video for a whole host of reasons. Full control and video analytics tracking are two main reasons for this.

What the company has launched today is an official WordPress plugin for its player. This WordPress plugin lets you host your own HTML5 video, playable anywhere There has been an unofficial plugin for SublimeVideo for some time, but clearly the official experience is outstanding and gorgeous.

SublimeVideo as a service ranges from $99 to $999 a year, based on the size of your site and the video plays you’re planning on serving up to your viewers. The company also has a “Free LaunchPad” plan that lets you set your site up and see how everything looks and feels.

Of course, we’ve covered similar services in the past, such as, but with video presentation, options are always great to have and the choice is personal to the site owner.

If you’re hosting your sites own video and want to display it in a gorgeous cross functional player, then SublimeVideo and the WordPress plugin might be for you.

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