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This article was published on December 27, 2017

Top 5 WordPress predictions for 2018

Top 5 WordPress predictions for 2018
David Geer
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David Geer

David Geer is a Tech Entrepreneur, a business development consultant, a motivational speaker, and a freelance writer. He has worked as a ful David Geer is a Tech Entrepreneur, a business development consultant, a motivational speaker, and a freelance writer. He has worked as a full time technology writer/technology journalist for 12 years. His work regularly appears in national and international publications.

Though many Internet users might not be aware of it, WordPress actually powers a huge number of the world’s websites. In fact, it is estimated that about 27.5 percent of the top websites worldwide rely on WordPress for their operation.

With such staggering numbers, it is not hard to see why so many people are interested in keeping in touch with what is happening with the platform. Here, we have compiled some of the top predictions for 2018 in regards to the platforms growth, tools, and general impact.

1.Video headers will become more commonplace

Everyone in the industry is acutely aware that video is king. Marketers, advertisers, web designers, and everyone in between is focusing on video and WordPress is no different in this regard.

Starting with version 4.7 ‘Vaughn’, WordPress has been enjoying support for looping video headers that have allowed for some incredible new decorative options. Customization has always been a huge part of WordPress and this option had been a long time coming.

This means that while video headers are nothing new, they are usually employed only by very specific types of websites. For 2018, it looks like this is going to change, with more and more websites opting for a video-first approach.

With virtually every social media network out there investing heavily into video and live streaming, we might even see deeper WordPress integrations here. In fact, we might even see themes that revolve entirely around a video approach, perhaps even a live streaming one.

2.Mobile-first themes will be much more important

It is no secret that most users are turning to their mobile phones and tablets for their everyday browsing nowadays. Mobile-centric designs and themes have been increasingly important and 2018 will separate the best from the rest.

Websites with outdated themes and designs which do not respond well to mobile platforms will not only be glossed over by everyday users but will most certainly be penalized by the likes of Google.

There is already no excuse for web developers and WordPress admins to neglect mobile. Anyone who chooses to ignore this trend will lose users, hurt their branding, and make it that much more difficult to bounce back up.

3.Drag and drop may reign supreme

One of the reasons why WordPress is so incredibly popular is that developing, running, and customizing websites with it is incredibly easy. Even those with limited to no web development experience can create beautiful websites, as long as they invest a little bit of time in them.

Drag and drop is of paramount importance here. Customization is such a vital part of WordPress but, despite the simplicity of its tools, many new users find it difficult to start. Drag and drop simplifies the entire process of customization and almost instantly remove any barriers of entry.

The year 2018 will see more new users connected to the Internet, allowing beginners to take a shot at designing their own websites. Drag and drop themes, which make customization a breeze, will most likely be at the top of the game.

4.Security can no longer be ignored

While those in the industry know that cyber security is hugely important, many choose to skip over it as they believe that their websites will not be targeted or that very simplistic security measures are enough to protect them from potential threats.

As 2017 has shown us, that notion is not only false but also incredibly dangerous. This year has seen numerous prolific attacks on popular websites, even on sites which had increased security measures.

Unfortunately, many people only start to care about cyber security after they have become victims of an attack or after their website shows considerable growth. This might seem like a reasonable approach but leaving the website vulnerable in the beginning can have long-term consequences.

Websites are prone to security risks and breaches. And with hackers getting smarter about cyber-attacks, maintaining the security of websites is vital. That’s why having a powerful security solution that monitors your website against security vulnerabilities is a first-order for 2018. says Artavazd Minasian, CEO at

For 2018, ignoring security will no longer be an option. More and more security tools are being developed by the minute and WordPress owners should consider investing heavily into the protection of their websites.

5.WordPress will host more eCommerce services than ever before

The eCommerce industry has grown tremendously over the years and WordPress has played quite a big role in that. Plenty of themes and plugins have already been developed specifically for this industry and there are no signs of this trend slowing down anytime soon.

In fact, it looks like 2018 will be a massive year for the eCommerce and WordPress relationship with enhanced plugins being the point of focus.

After all, the concept of eCommerce is now being embraced by virtually any company that offers products or services and which wants to maintain an online presence. As one might imagine, this description applies to millions of companies worldwide.

There will most likely be a particular surge in small businesses who will wish to offer their goods online. WordPress offers one of the best platforms for such eCommerce decisions and will definitely see a lot of them in 2018.

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