Notability: Elegant and feature-rich notetaking for iPad

Notability: Elegant and feature-rich notetaking for iPad

Notability is a new note-taking app for the iPad that delivers the goods for those seeking a fully-featured, media-rich experience.

Each note can be categorized under a Subject, which you can create once you open the app. It’s ideal to create subjects for your notes before starting them, as I couldn’t find a way to move notes into subjects after the note has been created.

You can share your notes in a variety of ways, including Dropbox, iTunes and even WebDav. Dropbox syncing is one of the must-have features for note-taking apps, and Notability handles it seamlessly.

Inserting images, graphs and web clips directly into your notes is simple and intuitive. This is very handy for any sort of research project, or can be used simply as identifiers if you’re in a lecture. You can, for example, put a picture of the speaker inline with your notes if you want.

The appearance of your notes is customizable, ranging from several font selections to sizing and colour options. Indentation is available for your notes, which is a great feature to have at your disposal should you want to highlight certain portions of text. You can also add bullet points and numbered lists if you wish.

Notability is easy on the eyes.

Notability has a search option both within the note you are composing, as well as within your entire notes library. The search functionality can be applied to the title or the contents of every note.

Recording audio notes is another option — and doing so is a snap. You can even tweak the sound settings for each note. With the ability to share to iTunes, it’s like having Voice Notes on your iPad.

Notability has a variety of audio options

There are a lot of note-taking apps to choose from, but if you‘re looking for an elegant-looking note-taking app that’s got a full feature set, give Notability a look.

To coincide with the iPad 2 launch, Notability is available for $.99 in The App Store for a limited time — a savings of 80% off the regular price.

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