An easy way to use your website to donate to Japan

An easy way to use your website to donate to Japan

The confirmed death toll from Japan’s 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami rose to 8,400; the final death toll is expected to be more than 20,000. The effects of the quake, what Prime Minister Naoto Kan said was the country’s worst crisis since World War II, have moved Japan’s main island by eight feet and shifted the Earth on its axis.

Donate dot com, or #donatedotcom, is an initiative to make Japan earthquake and tsunami relief more widespread. The website has set up as an incredibly easy way for website owners to encourage visitors to donate to the Japan earthquake and tsunami relief efforts.

Site owners only need to cut and paste this code snippet, based on javascript:

Paste it anywhere before your closing tag.

And when visitors come to your site instead of seeing its regular content, a big red button containing a link to donating to the Red Cross is overlayed on the home page. Your regular homepage is still there, users just click “Close” and the big red button disappears. Visitors only need to click the big red dot on the site and donations are processed through iTunes.

XCom Global is also offering free MiFis to relief workers in Japan, find out more here. And in case you haven’t seen the heartbreaking video of the loyal dog after the tsunami in Japan, watch it here.

Thanks to @Amalucky for the tip.

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