Want to see the best photos on Instagram? Try Insta-Great

Want to see the best photos on Instagram? Try Insta-Great

iPhone-based photo-sharing service Instagram has become a sensation over the past few months but the real problem is that there’s no web-based interface for browsing photos.

We recently reported on one third party solution, Followgram, although that got quickly pulled as Instagram prepared its official API for release.

Now a new service called Insta-Great has emerged as a Web-based way of accessing popular Instagram photos. Although we suspect that it’s using an unofficial method to pull the photos in, it’s a gorgeous site that allows you to flick through current hot images with your arrow keys or mouse.

The site, created by Brits Elliott Kember and Hector Simpson, is all very passive for now. You can see how many likes a photo has, where it was taken and what filter it used, but there’s no way to actually log in with your Instagram account and ‘Love’ photos directly on the Web. For that, we’ll have to await the official interface and API – both coming soon.

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