This article was published on January 10, 2011

Love Instagram but want a web interface? Try Followgram

Love Instagram but want a web interface? Try Followgram

We are huge fans of Instagram at The Next Web. Just before Christmas, the wildly popular service hit 1 million users. We love everything about the quirky photo-sharing app, but we are impatiently waiting for its web interface to arrive.

To hold us over, a segue site has launched called Followgram, which allows users to receive an RSS feed of their Instagram photos and share their profile with others. Followgram, while not the most beautiful site, lets users browse other user’s photos based on interests. Photos are updated every 15 minutes with some of the latest photos from Followgram’s member profiles and displayed in random order.

Followgram is an opt-in service. It only displays photos of Followgram members who’ve joined their directory on their website. To remove yourself, send an email with “Unsubscribe” in the subject line to [email protected] from the email address you used to join.

Don’t love Followgram? Don’t worry. We have good word that an Instagram web interface is coming soon.