Clarity Labs brings eye-tracking research to the masses

Clarity Labs brings eye-tracking research to the masses

When Google announced its Instant search product, one of the things that caught my attention was how much time Google spent investigating the parts of its search function that people paid the most attention to. The best way to do that, it seems, is by using eye tracking to really get a feel for what your users are paying attention to in your application.

Philadelphia-based Clarity Labs is now offering this sort of usability testing to application developers worldwide, without making them invest into millions of dollars worth of equipment and staff. According to a press release, Clarity Labs offers facilities and usability testing with a full staff of research consultants that companies can choose to rent unstaffed or fully-staffed.

The services? That’s the impressive part:

  • Usability testing gives businesses insight into exactly how consumers interact with their sites, products, broadcast, in-store merchandising, etc.
  • Eye tracking research tests exactly what consumers look at and for how long, while using a product or viewing a site.
  • Focus groups are live research forums which solicit feedback from current and potential customers.
  • Mobile product testing enhances the user interface of apps and mobile sites.
  • Live intercept testing gives clients a natural view (remotely) of how their customers will use their web sites in real-time.
  • Expert usability testing is conducted by a group of research experts at Clarity Labs to provide professional consultation and opinions on brand architecture, navigation, design and workflow.
  • With customer interaction driving the success of any product, this seems to be a pretty valuable tool to have at your disposal. There is no pricing listed on the website, rather just a “request a quote” button, but it’s most certainly worth looking into before you launch your next major project.

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