Checkmate automatically checks you in to Foursquare, handy.

Checkmate automatically checks you in to Foursquare, handy.

Are you getting tired of whipping out your iPhone every time you arrive somewhere to check-in into Foursquare?

Checkmate is your solution to the problem. Let your iPhone do the work for you,  download Checkmate, set your favorite places where Checkmate should check-in automatically and  relax. Once you’re within 50 metres of one of your favorite places Checkmate will auto-check-in. You can share your auto-check-in on your social networks via opt-in as well. Checkmate only works on the iPhones that support background-process (iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4) and drains your battery faster because it’s always running in the background.

In some way this might feel like cheating as there’s now no need to think when checking into a venue, but cleverly with Checkmate, there’s still a big chunk of remaining check-ins you need to do by yourself.

A similar app to checkmate is Future Checkin (iTunes link) which actually does the same but gives you more options like adjusting the accuracy of your gps or more battery friendly check-ins.

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