What iOS means for waze users

What iOS means for waze users

As you well know by now, one of the biggest things about iOS is the ability to mutli-task.  This is a huge, welcome feature for the user base of waze.  We’ve written about waze a few times, but if you’re not familiar, it is a free GPS navigation application that relies on user information for real-time traffic information.

We got an email yesterday from the waze team and they had some great news for us.  The newest version of Waze has iOS multi-tasking support, allowing it to keep running in the background while you’re doing other things on your iPhone.

While this is awesome, it’s also concerning.  GPS applications are notorious for eating up data and battery life.  waze has taken that into consideration, and made a change to the program to help that situation.  According to the email:

“While some simpler implementations require the user to manually disconnect the app, Waze has a smart approach to background processing and shut down. When Waze goes into the background, smart algorithms are applied to detect whether or not the device is in motion. Following a long standstill, waze will automatically close itself when it determines that you are no longer using the app, avoiding needless data and battery consumption.”

It’s a great update, for an already-impressive application.  We’re glad to see waze taking advantage of the new functions in iOS.

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