Flook Builds Location-based Offers Right Into Its App

Flook Builds Location-based Offers Right Into Its App

You only have to look at the success of Foursquare mayor deals to see how important money-saving offers are to the location-based app ecosystem. Now Flook, the location guide service that gives places ‘cards’ populated with user-generated content, is getting in on the game by building vouchers into its app.

The partnership with voucher, sale and discount search engine Geocast, which it will formally announce later today, sees Flook automatically select the relevant offers from Geocast’s catalogue for inclusion in Flook’s content stream. BView vouchers will be presented as just as any other content is within the app. “Booking forms” will be built in, allowing users to take advantage of the offers without leaving the app.

The BView deal follows on from existing content deals with organisations such as NextStop and the British Library. Money-saving deals may sound a little ‘cheap’ (forgive the pun) but it might just be just the right next-step for Flook. Flook is claiming impressive growth – TechCrunch Europe noted yesterday that Flook has reportedly gained 19,000 new users in the last seven days; 26,000 in last 30 days; and now has over 50,000.

This shows there’s definitely a market for location discovery (as apposed to simple Foursquare-style check-ins) through a mobile app so why not pick up a bargain at the same time?

Note: an earlier version of this post referred to Geocast via its previous name BView.

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