Brainient enhances web video with SDK and a little “Magic”

Brainient enhances web video with SDK and a little “Magic”

brainientWeb video monetisation platform Brainient is today expanding its service with two new features which could prove irresistible to advertisers and video producers alike.

Brainient brings content producers and advertisers together by allowing interactive advertising layers to be added to videos. Today at The Next Web Conference‘s Paypal X Startup Rally, the company is launching an SDK for third party developers and a new “Magic” tag to allow Brainient layers to be easily added to a video in any web page.

The Software Development Kit allows any developer to create interactive layers and distribute them to Brainient’s network of publishers, which offers a claimed 10 million impressions per month. This is an interesting prospect. As examples of its potential, the company is working with London-based startup UberVu to create a layer that displays social media content relevant to a video’s tags. A layer that allows videos to become ‘pay per view’ is being created with PayPal technology.

Developers set a price for usage of the layer by publishers for the layer. It will then be made available in Brainient’s ‘layer gallery’. As publishers pay for usage of layers, Brainient operates a 50/50 split on revenues with the developer.

Meanwhile, the company is also launching ‘Magic Script’. By adding a few lines of code into a website’s Body HTML, publishers can run pre-roll ads, overlays or any other type of Brainient layers on any embedded video in the page. The script is free to integrate, and every time a campaign is run in a publisher’s’ video, Brainent keeps 10% of the campaign’s CPM value.

Brainient says its service works with any video platform, including YouTube, Vimeo and Brightcove.



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