The ‘R’ in iPhone XR doesn’t stand for anything but ‘R’, Apple reveals

The ‘R’ in iPhone XR doesn’t stand for anything but ‘R’, Apple reveals
Credit: Apple

We’ve spent weeks scratching our heads over what the ‘R’ in the new iPhone XR stands for. And finally we’ve got a definitive answer to this great mystery: It just means “R.”

Apple’s VP of marketing, Phil Schiller spilled the beans in an interview with Engadget and said that XR and XS are just letters with no special meanings attached to it.

“I love cars and things that go fast, and R and S are both letters used to denote sports cars that are really extra special,” he said.

Schiller’s decision to choose these letters might be rooted in his fandom for Audi, which produces cars with under R and S series.

This came as a great shock (and kind of a disappointment) as there have been many theories floating around indicating R could mean ‘Regular’ or ‘Reduced’. As we reported before, phone names have lost all meaning — and Schiller’s R just proved our point.e screen, number of colors, and including a single camera on the back. You can read the full report here.

The iPhone XR goes on sale from October 26. Stay tuned for our coverage of the phone on Plugged.


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