Leaked Apple videos allegedly show internal iPhone repair process

Leaked Apple videos allegedly show internal iPhone repair process

Several videos, apparently made by Apple, offer a peak into the iPhone repair process. They’ve surfaced on YouTube, meaning you can take a gander at what really happens to your iPhone when you send it back to be fixed.

The details: Eleven videos, each with Apple branding, were originally uploaded to Twitter, according to Motherboard. In each of the videos, you see a different repair process, including how to open the iPhone X and how to replace a Macbook Pros’ Touch ID board. The repair staff in the video use Apple proprietary tools while working on the products.

Arman Haji downloaded and re-uploaded them to his YouTube channel, telling Motherboard he wanted users to see them after the Twitter account was suspended.

Is this for real? I mean, I’m sure there’s a chance they could be fake, but they look like the real enchilada to me. The test of that, probably, will be how soon the videos are taken down. I can’t see Apple being content to see its internal videos publicly available on YouTube, if this is what they are.

These videos might encourage third-party repairs that more closely mimic Apple’s official repairs, which would put the company at a bit of a disadvantage. It’s traditionally resisted the notion of third-party repairs — last year it fought against a “right to repair” bill in Nebraska that would have granted non-Apple repair services access to diagnostic manuals and other materials.

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