Hey Siri, have a happy birthday … and remind me to take out the trash tonight

Hey Siri, have a happy birthday … and remind me to take out the trash tonight

Apple announced Siri for iPhone six years ago today. Though Google is stealing the spotlight with its just-announced Pixel 2, Apple should be proud. And while its virtual assistant may not be the smartest, it’s arguably the most popular.

Over the years techies have watched Siri grow from an Apple announcement to making appearances in television and movies. At one point the Cupertino company even teased us with a movie-trailer parody starring Dwayne Johnson and Siri.

Interestingly, Siri wasn’t created by Apple, it was purchased as an entire company called Siri Inc. in 2011. Prior to being bought by Apple, Siri debuted as a standalone app on the iTunes store. Steve Jobs knew a hit when he saw one and he brought the virtual assistant to the iPhone.

What everyone actually uses virtual assistants for.

Six years later we have Bixby, Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, and dozens of other options when it comes to managing our schedules and finding a place that serves decent tofu. But like anything else from Apple in the last decade, the iPhone has — arguably — the most popular offering.

Happy Birthday Siri, here’s hoping the iPhone X treats you right.

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