Twitter’s best reactions to the iPhone X reveal

Twitter’s best reactions to the iPhone X reveal

Apple’s iPhone event today had a few interesting hardware reveals, a touching tribute to Steve Jobs, and Animoji. It was a relatively sober affair, especially considering most of the cool stuff was leaked days or weeks in advance.

But if you found the event a bit underwhelming, don’t worry: Twitter kept the whole thing pretty lively.

Especially during the hiccups:

Apple’s new Watch Series 3 debuted to muted applause:

The primary reactions to iPhone 8 were a little … disappointed:

The iPhone X’s reveal seemed to garner two kinds of reaction. Apparently you were either excited for Apple’s latest creation:

Or you were finding ways to pick it apart:

If someone found someone who was both, please send them my way, because I didn’t find them.

Some were wary about the implications of FaceID:

(Note: During the show, it was clearly stated that FaceID wouldn’t work while your eyes are closed, so it’s bad news only for those who sleep with their eyes open.)

And this pretty much sums up my thoughts on the whole thing:

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