Apple doesn’t think the iPhone X needs any more RAM (and it’s probably right)

Apple doesn’t think the iPhone X needs any more RAM (and it’s probably right)

While the imminent iPhone X is sure to be Apple’s most powerful smartphone yet, apparently the company doesn’t think it needs any more RAM.

The latest batch of iOS 11 leaks – courtesy of developer Steve Troughton-Smith – suggests the iPhone X will come with 3 GB of RAM, same as the current iPhone 7 Plus.The iPhone 8 Plus (formerly referred to as the 7S) will also feature 3 GB of RAM, while the smaller iPhone 8 will have ‘just’ 2 GB of RAM – again, just like the iPhone 7.

That pales in comparison to current Android flagships, where 4GB is a minimum and 6 and even 8GB are becoming more common. Of course, Apple has proven time and time again that its devices don’t need all that RAM. The iPhone 7 is arguably the smoothest phone you can buy, even a year after its release.

But it still strikes me as a bit of a peculiar choice, considering iOS 11’s emphasis on multi-tasking. After all, the iPhone 6S still runs smoothly 2 years later, but that doesn’t mean Apple shouldn’t upgrade its processors, right? More RAM gives developers a bit more breathing room to work with, and it’s just a bit disappointing considering the iPhone X’s rumored $1,000+ price tag.

On the plus side, Apple is reportedly switching switching to faster RAM. The new memory will be 10 to 15 percent faster, which should help improve AR features. In any case, Apple is due to announce the iPhone X tomorrow, so it won’t be long until we find out more.

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