ARKit shows Apple’s commitment to augmented reality

ARKit shows Apple’s commitment to augmented reality

Augmented reality is huge, and it’s only getting bigger, thanks to ARKit. The software, which Apple launched at WWDC 2017 in San Jose, provides the framework for developers to create crazy cool augmented reality applications.

This comes with sophisticated motion tracking, which Apple called “fast and stable motion tracking.” This will ultimately allow for a more immersive experience, as objects will appear to be intrinsically part of the real space.

Apple’s demonstration showed several objects introduced in an augmented reality context, and them interacting with each other. So, light from a lamp cast a shadow on a mug, despite both objects being rendered in augmented reality.

Craig Federighi also demonstrated how the technology could be used in Pokemon Go, and an AR-powered Batman game.

ARKit — as with all the other Apple ‘kits’ — is an iOS exclusive. And as Apple likes to point out, most of its users are on the bleeding edge, unlike those Android laggards. Consequently, this technology is going to have an amazing penetration, almost overnight.

The large userbase of iPhone users, all with access to cutting edge augmented reality software, means it’s inevitable that we’re going to some interesting iOS exclusives in the coming years.

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