Apple might show off 3 updated MacBooks next month

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We’re only weeks away from Apple’s annual WWDC dev conference, which kicks off on June 5. While the company usually takes that opportunity to showcase new advancements in its software platforms and tools for app developers, it’s expected to additionally unveil three updated MacBook models.

That’s according to sources who told Bloomberg that the Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro will get a faster Intel 7th-gen Core (Kaby Lake) processors, while the 12-inch MacBook and the older 13-inch MacBook Air are also slated to get a speed boost by way of faster Intel CPUs.

It’s worth noting that these are merely just upgrades meant to keep Apple’s laptop lineup alive: all three machines are expected to look the same as their predecessors with updates restricted to the internal components – so don’t expect to be be able to tell the new launches apart from previous models.

The company will likely announce updates to MacOS as well, which will certainly be worth following WWDC for. Apple has been catching flak for neglecting its desktop platform lately, and it’ll be interesting to see if it can reinvigorate users’ interest in the OS – particularly when Microsoft is advancing in leaps and bounds with Windows 10.

Apple Plans Laptop Upgrades to Take on Microsoft on Bloomberg

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