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While my transition from Android to iOS went without any significant hiccups, one thing that has been driving me nuts for months is that I never figured out how to properly use the Calculator app in the iPhone, especially when it comes to backspacing. But as it turns out – there is a secret gesture precisely for that.

As pointed out by one resourceful user on Twitter, Apple has designed a hidden gesture specifically for backspacing and all it takes to use it is a gentle horizontal swipe – either to the left or to the right – in the field where the total sum is displayed.

Each single swipe will remove one figure respectively. This means you won’t have to resort to the dreadful ‘C’ anytime you misclick a digit.

Here’s how it works:

While the feature has been in iOS since at least 2012, we are merely getting it out there for users – like myself and many others I suppose – that are yet to figure out how to backspace in Calculator the right way.

I mean, TNW is full of tech nerds and most of us were in awe to discover this nifty gesture, so I’m sure it’ll come in handy to the less tech-savvy users out there.

So there you have it: Swipe to the left (or the right) and never worry about messing up a digit again.

Did you know about this little trick? Tell us down in the comments.

[H/T Censored Dialogue]

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