New iPhone 8 ‘leak’ points to an invisible camera under the display

New iPhone 8 ‘leak’ points to an invisible camera under the display
Credit: iDrop News

Another day, another batch of iPhone 8 rumors. Last month, a report suggested Apple might try to use TouchID on the rear of the device, instead of the under-screen solution that has long been rumored. Now iDrop News – whose source is someone who allegedly “spoke with a Foxconn employee” – believes Apple is actually still testing both ideas.

Obviously, hiding TouchID under the display is the more interesting application, but it seems like the technology has proven tricky to implement – Samsung allegedly tried to do the same with the S8, but then gave up at the last minute.

But there’s more to it than Touch ID. The rumored prototype also suggests the phone will have an “invisible” camera under the display, which would be pretty awesome indeed. How the speaker grill fits into that equation, I’m not sure; perhaps a piezoelectric speaker a la Mi Mix?

iDrop News has commissioned some renders based off of its new information, (created by designer Benjamin Geskin). Note that this prototype is said to be the same dimensions as the smaller iPhone 7, thanks to the lack of bezels:

I gotta say, that looks pretty sweet. Now we just have to see if it pans out.




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