Apple might resurrect the much-loved MagSafe connection

Apple might resurrect the much-loved MagSafe connection

If you were missing one of Apple’s best innovations, then you’re in luck: it looks like you’ll be able to use your MagSafe cords once again.

Apple filed a patent last year, which was unearthed by Mashable recently. Like all good digs, it brought back an old friend long thought dead. The patent is for a MagSafe-to-USB adapter.

Assuming this is true, you’d be able to use your older MagSafe charge cords with your newer MacBooks. It certainly wouldn’t be the first legacy device turned into a USB-C dongle.

MagSafe was apparently killed two years ago when Apple announced the new MacBook would have a USB-C charge port. Several other companies stepped up to provide alternatives, like the BreakSafe. The MagSafe is still available in Air, and some Pro

I’ve been using Windows laptops for ten years, got my first (older) MacBook two months ago, and was immediately fascinated with the MagSafe cord. I’m not going to say which laptop I prefer, but the magnetic cord is definitely a step above the DC jacks I’ve been used to. Let’s just say I don’t see myself having to fix the MagSafe port with a screwdriver, pair of pliers,  and good luck.

Apple may create a MagSafe to USB-C adapter on The Verge

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