Apple Store is down again as new ‘red’ iPhone and iPad go on sale later today

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Earlier this week, Apple temporarily took down its online store, replacing it with a cryptic message promising something ‘special’ is coming very soon. While later that day the company revealed its new (RED) iPhone and the revamped iPad, the products were not readily available to order.

But this might be about to change today. The Cupertino titan has temporarily suspended its online store again, leaving the same mysterious message from the day before – though in a slightly different font. The store is expected to be resumed several hours from now at 8:01 PDT time.

Unlike last time, Apple hasn’t revealed the reason for taking down its online store on its dedicated System Status Page.

But taking into account this week’s fresh product announcements, chances are the company is prepping the (RED) iPhone remake as well as the new and improved iPad to go on sale later today.

To give you some more context, the (RED) edition handset will pack the same specs and features as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and will be available at the price of $749 and $869, respectively. The iPad, on the other hand, will retail with a $329 price tag – more than $200 cheaper than the previous-gen model.

In case you’re itching to get your hands on one of these two, make sure to rush to the Apple Store at 8:01 PDT.

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