Conan punks Republican health plan with fake ad for Apple Healthcare

Apple isn’t particularly well-known for its healthcare plans (mainly because they don’t exist), but thanks to Conan O’Brien – soon it might be.

The popular talk show host is back at it with another parody Apple commercial and the latest one addresses some of the most pressing concerns surrounding the recently proposed Republican healthcare plan.

The one-minute spoof opens like a standard Apple commercial with overly-dramatic shots and music, but quickly puts a comedic spin, taking jabs at recent comments made by Rep. Jason Chaffetz: “At Apple, we don’t think you should have to choose between an iPhone and quality healthcare. Because you can have both.”

This is when things swiftly take a turn for the hilarious – and the weird. The ad lampoons how ridiculous Chaffetz’s comparison between consumer products and healthcare is by running through a series of increasingly ludicrous scenarios on how you can use your flashy Apple devices for your medical needs.

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This isn’t the first time Conan has leaned on Cupertino-style lingo and imagery to bust jokes.

Back in 2016, the talk show host poked fun at how easily lost the AirPods are in another fake ad. He also ridiculed a leaked patent hinting the company might be working on what appeared to be a mysterious high-tech shopping bag.

Watch the full parody commercial in the video section above.

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