Apple CEO Tim Cook: Steve Jobs’ DNA will always be the core of Apple

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Speaking to students at the University of Glasgow at Scotland, Apple commander-in-chief Tim Cook discussed how Steve Jobs and his philosophy have shaped the Big A into the company that it is today.

Addressing the audience, Cook said Jobs is “by far” the individual who has influenced him the most during his lifetime, noting Apple continues to celebrate and live the Jobs philosophy.

“Steve’s DNA will always be the core of Apple. Steve is deeply embedded in the company. We celebrate him and we celebrate his philosophy,” he said, before further adding Jobs’ philosophy will be present in the company even 100 years from now.

Cook then proceeded to discuss the company’s decision to introduce the Apple Pencil despite Jobs’ notorious disapproval of the concept of the stylus.

Arguing the Pencil doesn’t contradict Jobs’ philosophy, the incumbent commander-in-chief said that while, “[t]he truth is Steve did hate styluses […] if you have ever used the Pencil, [you’d know it] is the furthest thing from a stylus that has ever existed.”

Cook also took a chance to talk politics, condemning President Trump and his Muslim ban.

Reminding the audience that Jobs was himself the son of an immigrant, Cook said that “Apple would not exist without immigration.” He further added the anti-immigration order poses a number of issues for the company and Apple can’t afford to “sit in silence.”

Watch Cook’s full presentation at the University of Glasgow in the video section below.

Apple’s Tim Cook: Steve Jobs’ philosophy will be at Apple in 100 years on CNBC

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