Apple is making Brits pay for Brexit with huge hike in App Store prices

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The UK may come to regret Brexit deeply – and it seems Apple enthusiasts might be among the first ones to suffer the consequences.

The Cupertino heavyweight has announced upcoming changes to its App Store rates that will see the prices of apps and in-app purchases in the UK rise by a staggering 25 percent in light of the pound’s recent drop.

This means apps priced at $0.99 will now cost an identical £0.99 as opposed to £0.79, with similar equivalent hikes expected to follow for more expensive software.

The land of tea and bad decisions won’t be the only country affected by Apple’s new price policies, with India and Turkey also expected to experience an increase in App Store pricing. In fact, the Indian government already introduced a service tax of 14 percent as well as levies of 0.5 percent last December.

Though the changes currently apply solely to iOS and App Store products, MacRumors points out price hikes may eventually affect iTunes and Apple Music purchases too.

Shortly after the UK announced its plans to exit the European Union, the costs of consumer technology in the country immediately shot up. In addition to Dell, HTC and OnePlus all raising the prices of their products, Apple also took a chance to make the Brits pay extra for the iPhone 7.

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