This genius found the perfect solution to never losing your AirPods

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You might be willing to pay a hefty $69 to replace your lost Apple AirPods, but there’s one hero who refuses to play by the book.

Anticipating the treacherous moment of losing his newly acquired wireless earbuds, Andrew Cornett has devised the perfect solution to preventing his AirPods from falling out of his ear. But it’s… not exactly a standard fix.

While netizens have been ruthlessly mocking the protruding stems of the AirPods, Cornett leveraged their unusual design to hold the wireless earbuds in place – by sticking them inside his stretched ear piercings.

Right from the get-go, the biggest concern with Apple’s new wireless earbuds has been how easy it seems to lose them.

In addition to all the ridicule in the Twitterverse, popular talk show host Conan O’Brien also poked fun at the Big A and its AirPods with a hilarious commercial spoof.

But there’s a thing or two we can all learn from Cornett’s inventive problem-solving: All it takes to protect your precious $159 wireless earbud investment is a little dedication… and the courage to punch a hole through your ear.

Have you found any other viable ways of keeping the AirPods in place? Show off your creativity and let us know down in the comments.

via The Verge

Andrew Cornett on Twitter

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