The case for cases: Why I’m wrapping my iPhone 7 in leather


A lot of people hate them, but some people can’t do without them — iPhone cases.

I drop my iPhone about five times a week on hard surfaces. If I’m being particularly stupid, I let it slide out of my hands while biking, causing even more damage. It’s not my best trait, but I’ve come to terms with it.

If you’re my kind of person, there are three options when buying a new phone:

  1. Keep your phone unprotected and risk cosmetic damage and/or breaking the screen
  2. Wrap your phone in a case and keep it protected from most drops
  3. Insure your phone or buy AppleCare, get it replaced when you fuck up

I chose option 2, and whenever people notice they’ll happily make the argument that it’s like sitting on a couch covered with a plastic protection layer.

who actually does this

It’s true: I won’t be able to appreciate the design Apple worked on for months, but I’m just not taking the risk that I’m going to drop it and have to buy a new phone.

For me, insurance or AppleCare is too expensive, especially when compared to the one-time payment for a case. Even dropping the price to $29 for a screen replacement doesn’t make financial sense, as Bryan Menegus explained.

click click

That’s why I have been happily using the leather Apple case for my iPhone 6, and will gladly get one for my new iPhone 7. Especially because they’ve been improved.

The new version has metal buttons that should make clicking them feel better. Also, it’s supposed to make finding the buttons easier. After using the current leather case for a while, the skin rubs off a little with use and makes it hard to find where to press. Metal buttons shouldn’t have this problem.

For me, the case for using a case hasn’t ever been clearer, but maybe I’m crazy. What do you think?

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