2016 MacBook Pro again rumored to have Touch ID and OLED function bar

2016 MacBook Pro again rumored to have Touch ID and OLED function bar

The MacBook Pro 2016 may actually come with Touch ID and an OLED function bar, as previously rumored.

Citing a “reliable” source, 9to5Mac notes both features are being made available for the MacBook Pro this Fall, which is expected to have a ground-up redesign that features USB-C connectivity.

There’s little to go on besides a source claiming a thing is happening, though. There have been fuzzy images of a purported MacBook Pro chassis floating about the interwebz, but that’s hardly proof of anything.

Our own insiders are less convinced the OLED bar is coming, so we’re still dubious. It’s entirely possible Apple has a variety of features for the Pro lined up that users can scale to suit their needs.

Touch ID is also a curious addition, if it’s indeed coming. Apple recently made it possible for sessions to be authenticated with an Apple Watch, and Apple Pay transactions are verified via your iPhone. There’s just very little reason Apple (the company that would rather you buy more of its products to take advantage of these cool features) should cobble Touch ID into a MacBook.

We still don’t know when the 2016 MacBook Pro will land, but there’s evidence it’s already in production. Expected this Fall, our best guess is that the Pro will be announced in October and released shortly thereafter.

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