This may be our first good look at what the new iPhone 7 Plus (or Pro) will look like

As we start nearing the Fall, when Apple is expected to release the iPhone 7, rumors start having a lot of overlap. This video is no exception.

What we’re seeing is what’s being billed as the iPhone 7 Plus, but may also be the iPhone 7 Pro, which some think will be a third phone in Apple’s new lineup. As you’ll see, it has dual cameras and Apple’s Smart Connector points on the bottom rear, much like an iPad Pro.

There are other cues — like a second speaker grill — but those are the major points.

If you’re curious what it all means, we’re still leaning on rumors. Some believe the dual camera set-up will allow us to snap both wide-angle and pixel-dense images at once, while some think the cameras will serve as a Lytro-style method for allowing us to switch focal points after the picture has been taken without losing image quality.

The Smart Connector is found on Apple’s iPad Pro line, where it’s used for connecting the tablets to keyboards. On an iPhone Pro, it’s likely going to serve as a method for wireless charging.

While what we’re looking at is absolutely a mock-up, it’s pretty believable, even though we’re not totally sold on why dummy devices exist in the first place when it comes to Apple gear.

As the rumor mill starts churning out much of the same content, these kinds of videos and dummy devices become more salient.

We’ll just have to wait to see what Apple actually brings us this Fall.

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