Apple Store app may soon have a ‘For You’ tab to suggest you buy more stuff

Apple Store app may soon have a ‘For You’ tab to suggest you buy more stuff

The Apple Store app may soon look a bit different. Bloomberg reports the app will be featuring a ‘For You’ tab to accelerate revenue and let you know what the store carries.

The ‘For You’ tab will feature items that may appeal to you based on previous purchases. If you purchase a MacBook, the tab may suggest various USB-C cables and other add-ons like cases.

The feature may debut in the next few weeks, and combine Apple’s iPad and iPhone apps into one experience.

What’s not known is how deep Apple will peer into your account. We don’t know if Apple is simply looking at your purchase history, or if it also looks at what devices you’ve got linked to your Apple ID, or what software you may have purchased.

If a game took advantage of a dedicated controller, recommending it may be handy — but will users respond well to Apple peeking at their purchase history to suggest items?

We’ll probably find out in short order.

Apple Is Said to Redesign Online Store App With Recommendations on Bloomberg

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