This curious new iPhone 7 leak stomps on our ‘Space Black’ dreams

This curious new iPhone 7 leak stomps on our ‘Space Black’ dreams

Remember that Space Black iPhone 7 concept we all fell in love with? Yeah, so, it might be DOA. Sorry.

The latest iPhone 7 leak shows four casings, said to be for the iPhone 7. Unfortunately, they’re the same colors as the iPhone 6S: Space Grey, Silver, Rose Gold and Gold.

A ‘Space Black’ option is not pictured.

The rear shells are said to be dummy units that are sent to accessory manufacturers so they can design cases and other peripherals ahead of the device’s launch.


Not so fast

A source from a well-known iPhone accessory maker tells TNW that’s not how Apple does business. Normally, third-party partners see the device when you and I do, and design their peripherals based on speculation or their own sources.

That’s why when a company like Spigen show off cases for a phone ahead of launch, so many are quick to point out that the image is photoshopped, or the image is identifiable as being from another source.

Our source also notes they have no knowledge of Apple having distributed dummy units in the past, and that it’s better not to use a dummy unit for finalizing a design.


A legit iPhone 7 clone?

While we have our doubts about the purpose of these devices, the image doesn’t look as though it’s been altered.

It’s entirely possible someone created dummy units based on existing leaks to sell to OEMs without Apple’s permission. Similarly, these could very well be something new from Apple or a supply chain partner — or a program our source simply has no knowledge of.

And what we see does match existing leaks and rumors (antenna lines are different, the camera bump is built into the case), so there’s a bit of synergy there as well.

But we’re still dubious; the image looks great, suggesting someone was able to spend a bit of time with these items. There’s a video coinciding with these images, but it’s short, and not very good.

This leak shows the Home Button, which doesn’t appear to have changed. However, the inclusion of App icons on the dummy screen is curious; doesn’t seem like a very ‘Apple’ move.

Either way, more fuel to the fire. We can’t wait for the iPhone 7 launch later this year.


Foto esclusiva Macitynet: estetica iPhone 7 confermata da un prototipo on

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