Awesome ‘Space Black’ iPhone 7 renders make me want one right now

Awesome ‘Space Black’ iPhone 7 renders make me want one right now

As rumors of what Apple may do with the iPhone 7 swirl, the latest involve a flat Home button and a new ‘space black’ design. Sounds kinda blah — until you see the renders.

The gallery below come courtesy of Martin Hajek, who creates 3D renders of various products at his whim. We’ll let you ogle before we get back into the details.

The Space Black color is an iteration on Space Grey, and currently available for Apple Watch. The issue there is that the Space Black Apple Watch is steel; an iPhone is not. The aluminum Apple Watch is Space Grey, suggesting there’s a bit of an issue with anodizing aluminum to be Space Black.

The antenna lines are also more subdued. They follow the curvature of the phone rather than streaking along the back.

Around front, the Home button is shown as flat. Recent rumors point to it being Force Touch — technology Apple has worked into its MacBook trackpads and the Apple Watch. On the iPhone, it’s believed that Apple may also work haptic feedback in to mimic a button press so you know when a firm press has been registered.

The Home button still has Touch ID, but it could be entirely new technology — possibly from Sonavation. I’m not sure how well a visible ring on a flat surface would play to the crowd versus a physical button, but it’s one less part to repair for Apple.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 12.26.52 PM

I want one

Rumors being what they are, it’s a bad idea to get too worked up about this mock-up — but I want one.

This is all believed to be part of the iPhone 7’s makeup, too. That flies in the face of a report Apple would basically be taking a year off to double-down on next year’s iPhone.

But even if this is next year’s device, I’m definitely on board. I’ve got concerns about the Touch ID sensor, but I also trust Apple to make sure the technology works before releasing it to millions of consumers.

And I’d definitely be one of them.

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